Mar 27, 2017

Duminda ready to spill the beans!

Minister of Agriculture - Duminda Dissanayake is to make a revelation with regard to the charges he is facing over renting a building in Rajagiriya, at the cost of millions of rupees.

He is to make the announcement at a special media conference and it is said that he has been delaying the announcement after fearing that such a move would have a negative impact on the relations within the government.

Meanwhile, reports say that the Cabinet Paper required to rent the building has been tabled by the Prime minister's office.

When the Speaker had made a request  to minister Duminda to provide the ministry building as space for several parliamentary committees, the minister has requested for a building with similar facilities.

Accordingly, a  Cabinet Paper was tabled to rent the building in Rajagiriya.

Reports say that the minister was compelled to explain his side of the story after receiving no backing from the from the PM's side, when the former came under the severe criticism of the media due to this issue.