Sep 02, 2021

'Those who harmed Parakrama Samudraya should be cursed'

Former Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe said yesterday (01) that the harm done to the Parakrama Samudraya bund is immense, and irreversible.

He added that more attention should be paid to the reservoir while the politicians behind this heinous act should be exposed.

The move to remove the ‘Ralapanawa’ (breakwater) and construct a walking pathway has been temporarily halted but the damage done has not been rectified.

"Despite being Buddhists, the entire nation should collectively curse the people who took such decisions to harm this historic reservoir. If there is any rainfall tomorrow, all this soil will wash into the Tank," he said.

He also noted that vehicles were prohibited from entering the bund of the Parakrama Samudraya due to the impact it may have on the ancient irrigation system.

1978 hurricane & 2021 backhoes

The historic reservoir's bund was damaged in the super cyclone of 1978 that blew winds of 78 miles per hour and recent construction work has damaged the breakwater. Following the super cyclone, repairs were done with utmost care and caution, which had prevailed two large floods from the Thopa Wewa since then.

A Work Inspector who was present during the 1978 reconstruction work recently spoke to the media, stating that the reservoir wall needs to be sturdy to prevent harm to those living around the reservoir. He added that no one can walk on the reservoir bund when it is windy, as it is strong enough to throw one off.