Aug 31, 2021

Social Democratic Party urges to legalise Cannabis

Thusitha Balasuriya, in his personal capacity and on behalf of his party - the Social Democratic Party of Sri Lanka - has requested the President and Government to legalise the use of cannabis.

Cannabis-derived CBD oil is being used the world over to treat inflammation, and it is regrettable that citizens are not permitted its use here, even though it is  used in Ayurvedic medicine, he added.

He said its use should be governed by regulations and that it would be a boost towards promoting Ayurvedic treatment.

He pointed out that several local and international studies have shown that Covid pneumonia could be treated with Cannabis, by targetting lung inflammation.

A few months ago, an Indian Ayurvedic study has revealed that immunity can be boosted with its use, he added.

The United Nations last year removed Cannabis from its dangerous drugs list, he stated.

He went on to say that in certain US states, those who got vaccinated, received Cannabis cigarettes free of charge.