Mar 27, 2017

No ‘war hero’ will be punished - Chandrika Featured

No ‘war hero’ who saved the country from terrorism will be brought before the law to be punished, assures ex-president Chandrika Kumaratunga.

The law will be enforced against those who had murdered Tamils under the pretext of the war, she said at a function at Thelippalai in Jaffna.

According to her, relatives of the war-missing only want to know the fate of their loved ones and they do not seek punishment for the culprits.

Kumaratunga noted that the government has promised to the international community to implement an honest and efficient mechanism with regard to the missing persons.

The related legislation has been adopted by parliament, she said, adding that what remained to be done now was for them to become law with the president’s signature.