Jul 07, 2021

No Petrol shortage - Gammanpila Featured

Minister of Energy - Udaya Gammanpila has stated that there is no risk of a Petrol shortage.

Responding to recent news reports claiming of an imminent Petrol shortage, the minister had said the country possesses Petrol stocks sufficient for 30 days and a ship containing 35,000 tonnes of Petrol is to arrive at Sri Lanka on July 19, which is in another 13 days.

Therefore, the claims are baseless and the public should not panic, the minister states.

Why the sudden Tender then?

The news of an imminent petrol shortage was initially reported by 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

We learn that in recent years, no other short-term Tender with 05 days to bid and 15 days to import, was called, as it had been recently. Bids were opened on June 28 and closed on July 02. According to the Tender, the winning bidder should provide 170,000 Petrol barrels to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation by July 14-15.

According to field sources, such measures are only taken in the face of a shortage.

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