Jun 17, 2021

More plastic products to be banned

Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera says the Cabinet Paper listing the ban on a range of polythene items including lunch sheets, plastic cups and bottles under 400ml, has been compiled and will be handed over to the Cabinet next week.

Speaking to media in Colombo the Minister said the decision was tabled after considering the many negative environmental impacts brought upon by such items.

He noted the list of banned items include single use plastic straws and food mixers, plastic spoons, forks, knives and yoghurt spoons.

The Minister added polythene bags that are 10 inches wide and less than four and 17 inches long will be banned as well.

He further stated efforts are underway to ban other products such as plastic string hopper moulds, plastic flower garlands and polythene packets used to pack incense sticks.