Jun 17, 2021

Arpico sold alcohol during lockdown? Featured

It is reported that the Arpico Super Center at Hyde Park Corner, Colombo has sold liquor during the ongoing travel restrictions, violating the Health Ministry's Covid-19 guidelines, quarantine laws as well as regulations of the Excise Department.

The incident had taken place on June 15 and the receipt is shown below.

Arpico1 670px 21 06 17However, 'lankanewsweb.net', which had initially reported the news states that it wasn't possible to ascertain whether the sale had taken place within the premises or through a delivery.

Now it's the Media's fault?

When 'Sri Lanka Mirror' inquired about this from the Excise Department, a highly placed official said it was learnt that this Arpico outlet had sold liquor on two counts, based on 'erroneous' media reports.

It was said that the outlet had sold liquor initially when it was first reported that online sales were permitted and did it again when it was reported that the Ministry of Finance had granted approval.

However, according to the receipt, the transaction had taken place at 1.53pm on June 15 while the news of the Finance Ministry approval was initially reported only yesterday (June 16).

The topic of online alcohol sales initially splashed headlines on June 14, stating that several supermarket chains had requested the Excise Department to permit them to sell liquor online.