Jun 15, 2021

5,000 not given to those who lost jobs, low income groups

Despite three weeks having passed since imposing travel restrictions, the government has not given the Rs 5000 allowance to a large number of people who have lost their jobs, complain people.

They lamented that this time, the Rs 5000 allowance has been given only to the Samurdhi recipients and so far the government has not paid that allowance to the people who lost their jobs and the low-income facilities.

Those families complain that previously, they received the Rs 5000 and this time, they have not been given that financial aid and this has caused a severe injustice to them.

They complain that as a result of the travel restrictions, they could not go out to find work and it has become very difficult for them to obtain food items for their daily consumption.

Source - Lankadeepa