Jun 10, 2021

Avocado growers in Kandy face hardships as the fruit rot under trees

Avocado growers in Kandy complain that they are facing hardships as they are unable to sell their produce and most of the fruits are rotting under the trees.
The problem has erupted due to the ongoing travel restrictions and as a result, buyers do not come to the Kandy area to purchase the produce and as a result, they even can't sell one avocado for even one rupee.
Usually, avocados in Kandy have a good demand and during the season, one avocado is sold between Rs 25 to 100.
The avocado is grown in Kandy area as a cottage industry and people in the area usually receive a good income. 
Growers say this time, they have got a good harvest, but the prevailing heavy rains are also affecting the harvest.
(Source - Lankadeepa)