Jun 02, 2021

Police probes leak over incident involving a wife of top brass Featured

Police have launched a probe to trace the officer who leaked the information about the immediate transfer of a police cop who did not allow the wife of a top police officer to go for her regular exercising on a main road in Colombo.

The incident that occurred last Friday created an uproar in the police department as the woman wanted to engage her usual exercise, despite the on-going travel restrictions.

The police probe is led by an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Lankadeepa newspaper reported.

It is learnt that already, statements have been recorded from 10 police officers serving at the Maradana Police Station. The officers have been called to the ASP office and their statements have been recorded there.

The incident allegedly occurred at the Ananda Junction on the Borella - Maradana road on Friday.

The wife of the top police officer had arrived on the Borella - Maradana main road at about 7.30 am through byroads from her quarters, to engage in her regular walking exercise.

The police constable who was on duty at the roadblock at the Ananda junction had stopped her, reminded her that due to the prevailing travel restrictions, she can't do exercise on the road.

The woman got furious over this and started abusing the cop while saying that she is the wife of a top police officer.

The constable has told her that " law is equal to everyone."

Then the woman had taken a call to the husband (top police officer) and put the phone on speaker mode. The top officer had said "that is my wife and allow her to go on jogging."

Then the cop : There are travel restrictions, so how can that be done? What should we do for others who come for jogging ? Should they be also allowed?

Top officer: If they come in proper attire (jogging kit), let them also go.

Then the top officer had disconnected the phone and his wife had got on to the main road and started her jogging.

In a few minutes, the cop had been transferred to another roadblock in the Borella area.

However, the officer was later reinstated at his original roadblock after some police officers informed about this incident to higher police officers.