Jun 01, 2021

AG permitted to close 2,000 social media networks?

In an exclusive article written by veteran journalist Keerthi Warnakulasuriya states that the Attorney General has given permission to close 2,000 social media networks that spread false information.

The article had appeared on the 'Sunday Divaina' newspaper on May 30.

Although the headline indicates that 2,000 websites are to be closed down, the articles mentions it as 'social media networks.

However, readers are confused to understand this article written by Warnakulasuriya who has several decades of experience as a journalist covering many fields.

The readers have got confused because the headline refers to closing websites whereas the content of the article referred to closing of social media networks.

The article says the decision to ban the social media networks was taken because those networks have spread false information, creating conflict with neighboring countries, joining with embassies to spread false information and carrying out anti-Sri Lankan campaigns.

In the article, Waranakulasuriya has stated that there were no proper owners for these social media networks, but that there are groups who operate such networks from Sri Lanka.

However, Sri Lanka Information Technology Association Chairman Rajivee Yasiru Kuruwitage said the government or any other party has no power to remove Facebook accounts, close them, regulate or control them.

A widespread discussion is now taking place over a possible move by the government to ban social media because of the strong criticism leveled against the government on social media platforms.

Keerthi Warnakulasuriya 002

Keerthi Warnakulasuriya 002

Keerthi Warnakulasuriya 002