May 31, 2021

Who went to Chandimal's party at Shangri-la hotel?

Famed stylist - Chandimal Jayasinghe's controversial birthday party has already caused ripples after he and Piumi Hansamali were arrested for flouting quarantine laws.

'Mawrata' reports that guests have event arrived from other provinces held at the Shangri-la hotel in Colombo.

However, CCTV footage of the hotel has mysteriously gone missing, reports say.

12 identified - police
The Police Media Spokesman - DIG Ajith Rohana had stated that 12 persons who had attended the party have been identified during the investigation that had followed.

According to police sources, around 20 - 25 people had attended the party and the police spokesman said CCTV footage is being checked to identify the others.

What happened at the 10th floor suite?
The party had been held at a luxury suite on the 10th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo with the full consent of the hotel management, the 'Laksara' website reports.

According to the report, the room had been booked in Chandimal Jayasinghe's name on May 29th and it is said that over 200 guests had flowed in and out from 10am yesterday (30) to midnight.

The guests had included not only popular personalities from the arts field but also top businessmen and their wives.

Cash gifts
It is said that the police had arrived at the location around midnight and several had escaped from the clutches of the police by making a hasty exit.

By then, only 10 people had been at the suite and these were the persons who were arrested.

Rumours also say that the lavish cash gifts were also given to the guests.