May 10, 2021

Balance of Itukama Fund to be used for vaccination

The government has resolved to use the remainder of the Itukama Fund towards vaccination.
In a media release, the Presidential Media Division states that the remaining balance of Rs.1.36 billion of the Rs.1.75 billion credited to the ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund will be utilized for the country’s vaccination programme.
The media release states that out of the Rs. 1,752,402,793.24 credited to the account, 23% has been utilised.
The largest portion (Rs. 194,000,000.00) has been utilised to secure 10 ambulances. It is singular that the second highest portion of the expenditure amounting to 67,543,967.00 (Over Rs. 67 million) has been spent on awareness campaigns. This amount is even higher than the amount spent on PCR related costs or quarantine costs.
The media release is shown below. 

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