May 10, 2021

Sri Lanka faces severe debt crisis, says JVP's Sunil Handunetti Featured

Sri Lanka is facing a severe debt crisis and the public debt has risen at Rs 250 million per hour, said JVP politburo member Sunil Handunnetti.

He said the government's unpaid debt in 2019 stood at Rs 14,155 and by 2020, it has increased to 16,427.The debt of the central government stands at Rs 15,000 billion while with other debts obtained by different government agencies, the total has gone up to Rs 16,427 billion.

He said within one year, the public debt has gone up by Rs 2272 billion.

The public debt between 1948 to 2005 stood at 2226."This shows the level of calamity the country is facing today," he added.