May 07, 2021

AG shows he is different, rejects diplomatic post

Displaying a very rare quality, the outgoing Attorney General Dappula de Livera has rejected the diplomatic post offered to him upon his retirement later this month.

De Livera has been offered the High Commissioner post in Canada.

Top government officers are usually offered diplomatic posts after completing their service, However,  it's uncommon for anyone to refuse such an offer which provides better facilities and perks apart from the opportunity to stay in a foreign country.

In a letter sent to the president, de Livera has expressed his gratitude for  appointing him as the high commissioner, but has stated that he does not like to leave the country, the Divaina newspaper has reported.

De Livera has stated that as a government employee, he committed himself to serve the people of his country according to his conscience and that his sole intention is to stay in the country even after his retirement in order to serve the motherland.

However, the 20th amendment has empowered the president to extend the service of top officers including IGP and AG even after the particular person reaches 60-years of age.