May 02, 2021

Sampath Bank official arrested over Rs. 43 m cheque fraud

The CID has arrested four suspects for swindling Rs. 43 million by presenting a fraudulent cheque from the bank account of Melva Wire Manufacturing Company.
The fraud had taken place on April 12.
According to the police media spokesman - DIG Ajith Rohana, the fake cheques were printed to resemble cheques of the aforementioned company and several persons used for the operation had been dressed to resemble company employees.

The cheques were printed at a location in the Hanwella area using cheque numbers issued to the company.

Accordingly, the suspect running the printing press and a 34-year old resident of Ranala who had assisted the operation have been arrested.

In addition, 04 other persons who had gone to cash the cheque have also been identified and investigations are underway to arrest them.

According to the Police Media Spokesman, this is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka that such a large amount of money was swindled after printing a forged cheque.


The cheques had been cashed simultaneously from the Sampath Bank branches in Borella, Rajagiriya, Fort, Pettah, Kiribathgoda and Dalugama.

A person who arrived from UAE and an official of the Borella Sampath Bank who is said to have assisted the operation, have also been arrested.