Mar 11, 2017

Wimal’s paintings while in prison Featured

The required approval has been sought for the book written by Wimal Weerawansa during his incarceration, to be sent out of prison for printing.  

The book is titled “Ratata One Wama’’ (the country needs the Left), it is revealed.

Second book

It has also been revealed that Wimal who has completed his first book is in the process of lettering his second as well.

Whether or not he will complete the book while in prison, it is said that so far he has completed around 200 pages.

This book deals with his experiences while in his prison cell and his life in incarceration.

Among the other compilations of Weerawansa are; ‘Batahira Balaya ha Lankawe Iranama’(Western forces and Sri Lanka’s fate), ‘Natta wenuwata Atta’ (Truth in place of lies), ‘Garu Katha Nayakathumani’ (Honourable Speaker), ‘Uddaya Nathi Rata Yahapaalanayen Dekada Wena Hati’ (A country without war divided by good governance), ‘Geneva and New York’ and ‘Nidahas’ (Freedom).

Following is a verse penned by Weerawansa;

හයේ කණිසමට වැහෙනා

සිරකුටියේ තනිවුණු හිත

බේස්ලයින් සිට හමනා

සුළඟ යදිනවා

කළුවර තුරුලුව සැතපෙන

අහස පෙනෙනවා

පින්බිම වෙනුවෙන් වැළපෙන

මල් ලියකම් සපිරි හදක

රිද්මය නවතාලන්නට

අඟුළු දැමූ දොරටුවකට

හැකිවන්නේ කෙලෙසද

බේස්ලයින් සිට හමනා

සුළඟ නුඹට කියාදෙන්න

අළු දුහුවිලි මතින් නැගුණු

ඉතිහාසයෙ සාක්ෂියක

බලමහිමය කියා දෙන්න

සුළඟ නුඹටවත් හැකිවෙද

අත්තටු ඇති හිත් පියඹන

මේ අහසට අඟුළු කොහිද

Weerawansa has not confined himself to writing alone and in recent times have also tried his hand at painting.

Here are some of the painting by Weerawansa while in prison;

Wimalprisonart 2

Wimalprisonart 1

Wimalprisonart 3