Mar 30, 2021

Customs chief in dilemma over contaminated oil Featured

Customs Director General Maj. Gen(retired) Vijitha Ravipriya is reportedly facing a dilemma after he safeguarded the customs officers who are accused of releasing the contaminated coconut oil to the private warehouses operated by the particular oil importing companies.

Several customs officers are facing allegations for releasing the contaminated oil stocks imported by four companies, without the certificate of the Food Control Administration Unit of the health ministry.

The Public Health Inspectors Association has launched the worst attack on Ravipriya for his action.

The Association has urged the president to take stern legal action on any officer responsible for the releasing of the particular oil stocks to the market.

PHI Association President Upul Rohana is questioning as to how the contaminated oil was released to the market when the Food Control Administration Unit confirmed that the oil contained "Aflatoxins".

Rohana said the incident poses a serious threat to the health of the public as it has been confirmed that "aflatoxin" weakens the immunity system and it's impact is further aggravated due to the spreading of the COVID-19 in the country.

Meanwhile, Customs Director General has stated that Ali Brothers, Katana Refineries and Edirisinghe Edible Oil have imported 183,000 kg of contaminated coconut oil.

But srilankamirror has come to know that these companies have only 105,000 kgs of oil at the moment.

It is reported that the details about 78,000 kg of oil is missing.That 78,000 comprises 22,000 by Ali Brothers, 15,000 Katana Oil Refineries and 68,000 by Edirisinghe Edible Oil.But, Customs DG previously said the highest amount of oil has been imported by Ali Brothers company.

Meanwhile, Dankotuwa police have arrested two bowsers that were transporting coconut oil alleged to have been contaminated.