Mar 20, 2021

Amaraweera calls for report on Sinharaja Featured

Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera has issued directives to the Director General of the Central Environmental Authority Hemantha Jayasinghe to submit a detailed report over the alleged clearing of a land area in the Sinharaja Forest.

The Minister informed Jayasinghe to include accurate details including answers to whether environmental destruction took place as a result of the clearing or prior to the incident, if the property is in close proximity to the Sinharaja forest, if there are similar properties surrounding the Sinharaja forest and whether the relevant property belongs to the area identified as a sensitive area by the Environment Ministry, as various details are being reported over the relevant area.

During a discussion held pertaining to environmental destruction Minister Amaraweera said as per the Constitution, all citizens should contribute to safeguard the environment.

The Environment Minister said it is regretful that only a limited group in the country has directed attention towards the conservation of the environment.