Mar 01, 2021

Influential pressure by many lead to irregularities in vaccination drive

While saying the main reason for irregularities in the vaccination drive is influential requests made by various parties, Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath requested people not to make such requests and thereby cause inconvenience to the health officials.

He told media that some had attempted to get themselves inoculated by means of using different tactics.

“There were also several incidents where some parties demanding health officials to show influence in obtaining the vaccines. This has driven the health officials unable to perform their duties as per the priority list,” he stressed.

“It is in fact pretty unfair to make such unnecessary requests and throwing their weight behind the health officials to obtain the vaccines,” he added.

Hence, Dr. Herath requested people not to make any influence on health officials to obtain the vaccine, but to be patient until they get their turn to receive them.

“We have prepared the vaccination plan and there are priority groups. Let health officials follow that list. We can’t act outside the vaccination framework,” Dr. Herath underlined.

He also said, they had no intention of withholding the vaccination programme from anyone, but their intention was to vaccinate everyone and ensure everyone is safe and secure.