Feb 27, 2021

Basil to meet Mangala ?

An extraordinary meeting between two political king-makers is expected in the coming days, according to news reports and political sources.

Deshaya newspaper says Basil Rajapksa and Mangala Samaraweera are expected to hold a meeting within the next few days.

Both Basil and Mangala are not representing the parliament this time.

Mangala submitted nominations to contest the last parliamentary elections from the Sajith group, but later withdrew from the campaign and the elections.

He was later seen working closely with the UNP, but nowadays, he is not very much active in party politics.

He played a key role in 2005 to bring Mahinda Rajapaksa to the power, but later he was removed from his portfolio and thereafter, he joined the then opposition. 

Deshaya says the duo has recently met at a wedding in Colombo and had a long cordial chat.

The newspaper opined that their meeting would lead to new political developments.But the daily Mirror newspaper reported that the two political figures met at a lift at a leading hotel in Colombo and they had just exchanged some pleasantries.