Mar 07, 2017

Plan to revive military training for school principals - CTU Featured

The Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) says it strongly opposes plans to revive military training for school principles that had been suspended after the present government took office.

The southern provincial education department is to hold a three-day ‘leadership and teamwork promotion residential workshop’ at the commando regiment training school at Kudaoya, CTU secretary Joseph Stalin says in a statement.

Matara assistant zonal education director M.L.M.N. Damayanthi has sent a letter dated February 27, informing school principals under the zone’s jurisdiction that their participation was mandatory.

The CTU statement says schools should create a free-thinking generation, whereas military discipline merely teaches obeying orders.

If the subject ministry wants to train principals, it has enough training facilities of its own, the teachers’ union notes, adding this is clearly an attempt by the present regime, just like its predecessor did, to force military discipline into schools.

It is hilarious the incumbent minister and other government authorities are trying to revive what they had strongly opposed during the previous government.

The CTU statement recalls how military training was given not just for principals but also schoolchildren and university students then despite strong opposition.

It calls for an immediate suspension of this plan by the southern provincial education department.