Mar 06, 2017

RTI Commission provides information privately

Information requested by 'DecentLanka2015' from the RTI Commission to be made public has been instead sent to 'DecentLanka2015' and they have released all information to the media and other interested groups and persons.

In a statement released today (06 March) the collective 'DecentLanka2015' says it is inappropriate to receive funds through the presidential secretariat, as that money can be directly received by the RTI Commission. The excuse given for channelling funds through the presidential secretariat is that the Commission was appointed by the President. This explanation has been rejected by DecentLanka2015 as wrong.

"Appointments are made on Constitutional Council recommendations as defined by the RTI Act. Thus to assume that these are President's appointments, amounts to subordination to the presidential secretariat. The Act very specifically says the Commission has to be wholly independent and provides all necessary provisions to be so." the statement says.

Click here to see the documents received by DecentLanka2015.

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