Mar 06, 2017

SLFP plans PC elections before LG polls! Featured

SLFP politicians in the government are planning to hold elections to all provincial councils together before local government polls are held, ‘Ravaya’ reports.

They are concerned that if not, the situation will be advantageous to the joint opposition.

The gazetting of the delimitation report has been put off with the reason given is that some parties, including the JVP and those led by Mano Ganeshan, P. Digambaram and V. Radhakrishnan are opposed to the new LG elections system.

When contacted, local government minister Faizer Mustafa said amending the local government (special provisions) act would be discussed at the parliamentary committee on the LG elections system headed by the PM.

However, no date has been fixed yet for a meeting of this committee, and discussing, formulating and adopting an amendment could take up months.

A SLFP minister said LG polls should be postponed, as the JO was organizing itself to face the elections.

Noting that Sabaragamuwa, eastern and north central PCs are due to go to elections in August, he said holding PC polls first would be advantageous as two of those PCs are having chief ministers and a majority of members supportive of the SLFP leadership.