Jan 14, 2021

Majority of sex workers contract Covid-19! Featured

The Western Provincial Intelligence Division has commenced an extensive investigation to arrest 235 females working as sex workers by contacting clients online.

Western Province Intelligence Division head - CI J.R. Lakshman has said that already 20 such females have been arrested and that police have also uncovered information about 15 lodges where they meet their clients. Investigations are underway to raid such places, he said.

He added that investigations have further revealed that even schoolboys, who are frequently online these days for school lessons in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, are involved with such females after navigating to certain websites.

A few days ago, a schoolboy having such a relationship had ended up having grevious injuries after falling off a building while trying to escape a sex worker over a money issue.

Police also warn that many sex workers are infected with STD as well as Covid-19.

The police is currently seeking the assistance of the courts to stop a racket being carried out through a website.

Investigations are underway.

(Source - Divaina)