Jan 04, 2021

Adhere to COVID-19 guidelines; Authorities to monitor private, state institutions

The police and health authorities to monitor whether private and state institutions, factories and offices are functioning according to the health guidelines and bio security protocols issued to prevent COVID-19 spread, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said in a special Gazette notification, published on October 15, 2020, guidelines have been given to all institutions, factories and offices as to how the supervisors or the managers should act and take appropriate steps in view to curb the COVID-19 pandemic spread within their respective premises etc.

Accordingly, the employer or the person in charge of any institution or work place should not exceed the maximum number of employees and others who shall be permitted within the premises at a time stipulated by the relevant authority. Ensure that every person who enters such institution or work place wears a face mask at all times and ensure social distancing; not less than one metre between two persons. Body temperature of every person should be measured before allowing him/her into the institution or the work place and should be provided with adequate hand washing facility at the entrance and should ensure that every person who enters such institution or work place washes his/her hands thoroughly before entering. Maintain a record that should include name, identity card number and contact details of every person entering the respective premises and comply with other disease preventive measures as may be determined from time to time by the relevant authorities.

The spokesman said action would be taken against those who do not follow such instructions under the quarantine rules and regulations.

"All the supervisors, managers or the administration officers of all private and state institutions should adhere to the rules and regulations published in the Gazette notification," DIG Rohana retirerated.