Dec 28, 2020

Apparel workers unable to obtain festive season loan - FTZ&GSEU Featured

A large number of workers in the apparel factory workers have been unable to obtain the loan facility granted to the masses for the festive season,Anton Marcus, joint secretary, Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union (FTZ&GSEU) says.

In a media release, he says that on Dec. 23, they have directed a letter to President's secretary - Dr. P.B. Jayasunder,  urging him to provide this facility through private banks as well as most workers in the private sector have bank accounts in private banks.

However, the letter is yet to be responded to, he adds.

The media release also notes that certain state banks have also been refusing to provide this loan.

It adds that the workers of the Esquel factory in Ekala had applied for the loan from the People's Bank and BoC branches in Ja-Ela, they had been told to apply from the branch of the areas they are residing in.

The media release has further noted : 

Also, the BoC Ja-Ela branch has stated that the money can't be provided to the account holders but can be provided to the company instead if the company in return, assures that the loan would be repaid. However, since the company has refused to take the responsibility, they workers have been denied the loan.

In addition, workers of the Sumithra Hasalaka (Pvt.) Ltd. in Nittambuwa too, have given their applications to the company management to apply for the loan. When the management had directed the applications to the BoC, NSB and People's Bank branches in the area, they too had informed that the loan can only be provided if the company assures that it will be repaid.