Dec 26, 2020

RATs, not completely accurate - Ravi Kumudesh Featured

There is a higher possibility that results of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are not being completely accurate, says Ravi Kumudesh, the president of the Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists.

Rapid testing is a contraption designed to deliver test results rapidly, and therefore, errors or inaccuracies in reports are common, he says.

Therefore, the accuracy can be preserved by implementing an external quality control system and verifying report accuracy through PCR tests before making a decision to quarantine or refer to a treatment center, he notes.

Therefore, at least 10 mobile laboratories should be set up in order to make this random testing process a success, he points out.

Noting that there are mobile vehicles that can be used for the purpose, he adds that it would be possible to issue accurate reports by the use of mobile PCR machines and RATs.