Mar 01, 2017

42,100kg rice caught in Pettah market in 48 hrs

As the month of February came to a close, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) reported 2064 monthly raids on errant rice sellers across the country.

In the 48 hours ending 27 February, 42100 Kg rice hoarded by errant sellers were also netted.

“Rice sellers are also required to obey Maximum Retail Prices imposed by CAA” stressed the Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen on 28 February. Minister Bathiudeen was in discussion with his top officials on February 28 on the latest  raids by the CAA under him.

In the 48 hours ending midnight of February 27, CAA has netted 42,100 kilos of hoarded rice in the Pettah market. These volumes were stacked in 25 kg bags and hoarded by three different sellers/businesses in Pettah market. Also 87 errant sellers across the country who violated rice MRPs were netted.

As of 27 February, 2064 successful rice raids have also been conducted by the CAA (for month of February) with 1376 cases being filed (monthly).