Feb 28, 2017

Photos of underworld figure Samayan in prison Featured

It is now a well known secret that Aruna Damith Udayanga alias Samayan had planned his underworld activities from his prison cell with the powers of the political backing he had been getting.

From Dedigamuwa in Kaduwela, he had even made plans for campaigning for certain politicians at the last general election.
During those times, he was able to freely use mobile phones, and junior prison officers who nabbed him were reprimanded by their seniors.

Some pictures he had taken from his smart phone have made their way into the internet.

Udayanga had clashed with his rivals in his quest to expand his rule to the entire Colombo district.

Authorities believe he had had a hand in the murders that had been committed in Mulleriyawa, Athurugiriya and other areas in recent months.

He was a follower of Batewela Nishantha, who was abducted by a group in a white van, after which the gang was led by Deepthi Kumara alias Sara.

Udayanga and Kumara were soon involved in a struggle for power over extorting a multinational company at Kaduwela.

Udayanga emerged the winner, after killing his rival at a temple at Dedigamuwa.

His income came mainly from contract killings, extortion that he took from almost every business place in Kaduwela and drug rackets, and no one had gone to police for fear of him.

Udayanga recently escaped a shooting while being taken to the Kaduwela courts.

He was adopted by a couple who were teachers, and there is no information about his biological parents.

At school, he had excelled in his studies, and it is unclear as to how he turned to the underworld, but it is believed his differences with his adopted parents’ relatives over property had led him to crime.

There is another story that he was a drug addict and that he had sold the property to buy drugs, ‘Lakbima’ reports.