Feb 25, 2017

JO approach Maithri to form an alliance govt. Featured

If President Maithripala Sirisena intends to form a United Peoples Freedom Alliance government the group representing the Joint Opposition is willing to cooperate with the President, a group representing the JO had told the President recently.

This group had also assured that the Rajapaksas’ would not be included in this group.

This group of JO members have vouched to abandon the Rajapaksas’ and pledge allegiance to Sirisena and a few of them are also planning on appearing on behalf of the President and in his favour, it is reliably learnt.

However, in order to form a coalition government it is required to have a majority seats of 113 and to make up this number, it would require the support of some UNP candidates who gained votes at the elections as well. According to SLFP informed sources, currently discussions are under way with a group of UNP parliamentarians in this regard.

Two views within the JO:

However, the Joint Opposition is on two views, informed sources pointed out.

While one group is of the view that the SLFP should obtain the Premiership from the UNP and form a government the other group is of the view that at this point it is a difficult task and it is not a solution to the existing party crisis and attempting to do so will further bring the SLFP to disrepute among the people.

The second group also pointed out that in the event such a coalition government is unsuccessful it will pave the way for the UNP to easily win the 2020 election.

They also pointed out that it was unethical to disrupt the UNP as they had won the majority of seats at the last General Election. However, the opposing group if of the view that solutions have to be found to get the country out of the current economic crisis.

Three opportunities!

However, during the SLFP organisers meeting held recently, the president had vouched that he would take certain stern decisions in order to rectify the current crisis.

During the meeting they also discussed three main decisions that the SLFP could take in the face of the current accusations against the government.

Among the options discussed were for the President to conduct a Cabinet reshuffle and throw out Ministers allegedly involved in corruption and fraud and continue this consensus government, obtain the support of a group of UNP ministers and form a coalition government or pull out of the government and allow the UNP to carry on the government by themselves.

The President’s stand:

However, the President intends to carry out a Cabinet reshuffle and rectify the government’s shortcomings and continue the consensus government until 2020, according to a senior SLFP Minister.

He further stated that if positions of both parties were to change in the reshuffle, the move would receive the approval of the Prime Minister as well.

However, several back row MP’s have stated that the UNP should allow the SLFP to take charge and form a government on their own and the UNP should take the role of the opposition.

But, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had not agreed to this proposal.

Meanwhile, it is expected that within the next few months there will be crucial changes taking place in Sri Lanka’s political sphere.