Feb 25, 2017

Rathana Thera brings proposal to include TNA in Cabinet Featured

Athuraliye Rathana Thera has proposed that the government change its composition to include senior TNA parliamentarians Cabinet Ministerial posts.

Rathana Thera said although the Tamil National Alliance is the party that represents the interests of the majority of Tamils in the North, due to them not being included in the governing process, constant criticism is being levelled against the government.

He pointed out that by including the TNA members in the government, they would then be able to better resolve the issues pertaining to the North.

The proposal also suggested that not just the TNA but any party that has gained majority votes in any district should be given a cabinet portfolio related to development.

As an alternative he suggested that Provincial Council Chief Ministers should also be included in the Cabinet.

Sri Lanka National Council

Measures have been taken to hold a conference to sensitize the public to the proposals to present Provincial Ministerial positions, at the BMICH on February 28.

The conference will be held under comprehensive National initiative ‘Sri Lanka National Council’.

The President, Prime Minister and senior Cabinet Ministers have been invited to attend this conference.

This National Council urged the government to keep to the promises made to the people on January 8 to bring in sustainable development, make the Executive Presidency democratic and bring in alternative economic measures etc.

Land and Police powers:

It also proposed that the Provincial Councils should only be entrusted with powers to allocate lands to the public who have no lands, but in allocating lands for large development projects, the Central Government should hold the decision making powers.

Similarly, in delegating police powers, the Centre should hold the power to take decisions where criminal related incident that weapons handling should while the Provincial Councils could be delegated with police powers pertaining to civil and traffic related decisions, it was proposed.