Nov 05, 2020

Myths for public, science for royal family  - opposition Featured

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP - Nalin Bandara slammed the government today (05), alleging that a media channel owner has been tasked with bringing in Rapid Test Kits.

He further noted that such parties have earned much money by offering packages to Sri Lankans who were repatriated.

Myths for public, science for royals

Speaking at a media briefing earlier today, he also claimed that while mythical beliefs are sought when in concerned public health by several ministers dumping  'miracle water' to rivers, science has been sought when it had concerned VVIPs.

He elaborated, claiming that a vaccine had been brought down from China for the use of VVIPs which costs $70 per shot.

He said that similarly VVIPS in Sri Lanka have purchased the vaccine from China while the public suffer.

Do your job first

Also referring to Health minister - Pavithra Wanniarachchi's recent statement that she is prepared to sacrifice herself to the sea if it indeed rid the country of the epidemic, the MP called on the minister to do her job before sacrificing herself for the country.

Bandara said that the Health Minister may have no option but to jump into the sea if she fails to address the Covid-19 issue.