Nov 04, 2020

4 SLBC staffers test positive for Covid-19

It is reported that 03 drivers and a generator operator of the state owned Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) have contracted Covid-19.

In this backdrop, measures are being taken to temporarily close the SLBC's transport division due to this situation, internal sources say.

Following the discovery of the 04 infected employees, the premises had also been inspected by health officials.

It is said that, of late, staffers arriving at the SLBC premises are mostly from the news division.

It is also reported that the administration is also considering to quarantine those who had arrived at the premises.

The SLBC has also been utilizing two houses owned by the institution in Gangodawila and renting rooms at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to house their staff.

In the current backdrop, all channels of the station have been joined together, reports add.