Nov 04, 2020

24th Covid-19 fatality reported in SL

The 24th Covid-19 related death has been recorded in Sri Lanka.

According to the Department of Government Information, the victim is a 79-year-old female who is a resident of Colombo 13. She had passed away at her home last evening (03).

During the post-mortem examination, it was revealed that she had contracted Covid-19.

The department notes that the DG of Health Services has confirmed this as the 24th Covid-19 related death in the country.

Meanwhile, a 78-year old male had been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with grievous head injuries after falling in his home. He had passed away yesterday and the post-mortem examination had revealed that he too, had contracted Covid-19. However, this isn't considered a Covid-19 fatality as the disease had not been the closest reason for his death.

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