Oct 27, 2020

20,000 garment workers trapped in lodgings Featured

Wasantha Samarasinghe, President of the Inter Company Employees Union (ICEU) says that more than 20,000 apparel factory workers are trapped in hostels and lodgings without salary or food.

Apparel factories in the Katunayake and Biyagama Trade Zones are among the worst affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Zone workers who hail from far away regions are also at the risk of losing their lodgings after undergoing quarantine.

He further stated that it has become an issue whether or not their salaries are being paid.

Noting that around 30% of employees in the Katunayake zone are boarded, Samarasinghe said that they are also facing food scarcities and the Board of Investment (BoI) is yet to provide a lasting solution.