Oct 17, 2020

Lawsuits against companies evading payments on state lands Featured

It is reported that the government is to take legal action against the companies which have not paid the lease for the state land in the Eastern Province acquired on a long term lease basis. Reportedly the government  has lost a large sum of money due to the none payment of the leases.

It is said that the companies that have acquired lands  by submitting reports under various methods are not carrying out any development activities on them and are evading payment of the lease.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) has also acquired about 200 acres of land in the Eastern Province on a long term lease basis and it reportedly is failing to pay Rs. 230 million in lease payments.

Meanwhile, the Mahaweli River is being severely damaged due to sand mining permits issued by the Mahaweli Authority in the Trincomalee District.