Oct 16, 2020

'Araliya' Keeri Samba price shoots through MRP

The well known rice mill - Araliya Mills are providing 'Kiri Samba' rice to wholesalers at a price which is even above the Maximum Retail Price imposed by the government.

According to the Government Gazette Notification No. 270/7-2010 dated April 10, 2020, the maximum retail price of a kilo of Kiri Samba rice is Rs. 125.

A recorded phone conversation between a wholesaler and two employees of Araliya Mills have revealed this.

According to the phone conversation, one kilo is sold at Rs. 130 even though it is billed at Rs. 120.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that even wholesalers receive stocks at a price that even surpasses the MRP, due to the prevailing rice shortage in the market.

The recorded phone conversation as well as the relevant Gazette notification are as follows :

Rice Gazzate