Oct 03, 2020

20th amendment pose threat to Buddhism (Video) Featured

Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Ruwan Wijewardena says that the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution is also a threat to the priority given to Buddhism through the Constitution.

In a special statement to the media, the Deputy Leader pointed out that the sovereignty of the people would be completely destroyed by breaking the strongholds of democracy and strengthening only the executive.

He also stated that the UNP will continue to fight for the protection of the sovereignty of the people.

"Democracy is protected by three main pillars: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. There is also a fourth pillar called the independent media. This Twentieth Amendment shows an attempt by the executive to seize all powers, regardless of the three pillars, the legislature, the judiciary and the independent media.

What a constitution does is to protect the sovereignty and power of the people, loss of which means even Buddhism in the country will be insecure. As the UNP, we oppose such pressure.  Because we have fought for the protection of Buddhism throughout history, in the face of various challenges, especially during the Chola invasions, and even during the British rule. Therefore, the UNP will fight against anything that harms the priority given to Buddhism. If such an amendment is passed into law, we will have to question the country's independent judiciary and the process of holding independent elections in the future. Also, the removal of the power vested in the Auditor General to audit the use of resources and funds of state institutions creates a crisis. This is a serious attack on democracy in the country. Therefore, we as the United National Party strongly oppose this constitutional amendment.

The President states that more powers are needed to govern the country. But we have seen how the President has used his powers to control the corona pandemic in the recent past. He used only the existing powers. No problems arose. Therefore, we cannot accept the statement that the President does not have enough powers. Based on this situation the UNP is fighting against the 20th Amendment. We stand for the protection of the sovereignty of the people and the democratic rights of the people of the country, then, today and tomorrow.”