Sep 25, 2020

2 boys arrested over nude photos & videos of a girl

Minuwangoda Police yesterday (24) arrested two 15-year-old boys for possessing nude photographs and video of a 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Following a complaint lodged by the girl's mother, the two boys were arrested. Police found a mobile phone with 20 nude photos and a video of the girl, in their possession.

The boys, who live near the girl's house, had shown these photos and videos to a neighbor, who in return, had informed the girl's mother.

While being questioned, the boys had confessed to taking these photos and videos secretly, when the girl was taking a bath in the bathroom.

Police investigations have revealed that the two suspects are currently not attending school and had been engaged in various acts of misconduct as their parents have not been vigilant.

Minuwangoda Police stated that the two boys will be produced before court to be placed in proper custody through probation officers.