Sep 24, 2020

Rival gang leader warns against holding funeral for Roha

A rival gang leader has warned against bringing the remains of slain underworld figure - Dewamuni Harrell Rohana de Silva alias ‘Ratmalane Roha’, to the latter's home area.

Rival leader 'Kudu Anju' has put up a Facebook post on this regard.

He had warned to kill all who would attend Rohana's funeral and warned to end funeral rites at the hospital itself.

Earlier, he had mentioned that he would reward Rs. 30 m to anyone who would kill Ratmalane Roha.

'Ratmalane Roha' and 'Kudu Anju' became rivals after Kudu Anju's brother - Lansiya was killed by 'Ratmalane Roha'.

‘Ratmalane Roha’ was killed in a shootout with the police in Negombo last night (23), when he was attempting to flee to India in a trawler.

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Ratmalane Roha’ killed in shootout with police

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