Sep 24, 2020

100 acres of Somawathiya National Park cleared to grow maize Featured

Around 100 acres belonging to the Somawathiya National Park has been bulldozed down by a famous rice miller in Polonnaruwa, reports say.

The land had been leased to him through Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority around a month ago to cultivate maize.

This act had led to a mass environmental disaster and also includes an Elephant Pass leading to Somawathiya. Elephants living in Maduru Oya and Flood Valley parks are crossing this pass, villagers say.

After destroying a large number of flora and fauna, rice husks as well as ash of rice husks have been dumped on the ground without the permission of the Mahaweli Authority.

It is reported that the rice miller has been given one month's notice to remove the dumped husks and ash.