Sep 19, 2020

500 doctors transferred at National Hospital - Patients in trouble Featured

Sources at the Colombo National Hospital say that a number of units, including the newly established Orthopedic Unit, Intestinal and Gastrointestinal Surgery Unit, Kidney Unit, Neurological Unit and Psychiatric Unit are facing operational difficulties.

It is said that this situation has arisen due to the transfer of 500 doctors, who worked at the Colombo National Hospital, to other hospitals.
As a result, a large number of patients who come to these units for treatment are facing severe difficulties.

It is reported that due to these transfers, it will not be possible to fill the vacancies of doctors at the National Hospital until around the beginning of next year.

Furthermore, some treatment units require special training and the treatment of patients in those units will be delayed as it will take some time for the newly attached doctors to receive the training.