Sep 18, 2020

Principals advised on misleading letters mentioning President & PM on school admissions

Principals are advised to totally disregard requests to admit children to schools based on letters that mention the names of the President, Prime Minister and other high-ranking state officials, President Media Division (PMD) said.

Secretary to the President, P.B. Jayasundera warned that stern action would be taken against all the principals who violate this rule observing that even state officials have sent such letters attempting to influence the proper enrolment procedure.

“It had come to light that certain individuals have resorted to influence principals to get children admitted to schools claiming that it had been ordered by the President, Prime Minister and other high-ranking state officers, PMD said in a statement.

Under no circumstances, principals should admit children to schools accepting such letters. Students should only be enrolled adhering to the guidelines and regulations stipulated by the government.