Sep 16, 2020

3 national schools in each Divisional Sec.- GL

Minister of Education Prof. GL Peiris says a new programme to establish three national schools in each Divisional Secretariat of the country will be introduced.

Speaking at a function the Minister said shortcomings within schools will be addressed through the programme.

Minister Peiris said parents seek to admit children to leading schools, claiming that facilities at all schools should be enhanced.

He noted that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has issued directives to introduce three national schools, amounting to roughly 1,000 national schools, claiming that 123 Divisional Secretariats don’t have a single national school.

The Education Minister added conferences will be held to create awareness of school syllabus reforms.

He said the education system has not been modernised, the syllabus remains outdated and teaching methods must be amended.

The Minister noted that the programme will be initiated with the support of parents, teachers, past pupils’ associations and clergy.