Sep 13, 2020

Drug charges against 20 policemen

Investigations have revealed that over 20 police officers in Western Province are directly and indirectly involved in drug trafficking, and are having links to drug traffickers and the underworld.

Sources said that all reports regarding these police officers have already been handed over to the DIG of the Western Province and a full investigation is being carried out.

Senior DIG in charge of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon has told the media that no information with regard to this investigation can be provided to the media.

However, he says that law will be strictly enforced against officials who engage in such corrupt activities.

Hardware businessmen linked to underworld & heroin?

Meanwhile, police suspect that well known businessmen involved in the hardware business are directly or indirectly involved in the underworld and the heroin business.

It is said that investigations have been initiated in this regard as well.

(Source : Aruna)