Sep 11, 2020

2 m litres of Ethanol imported despite import ban

Matale District Parliamentarian Rohini Kaviratne says that the government has imported 2,073,961 liters of ethanol during the eight month period from Jan. 01 - Aug. 31 this year.

Addressing a meeting at Kaikawla in Rattota, Ms. Kaviratne pointed out the Ethanol stocks were brought into the country despite the Government Information Department announcing that importation of Ethanol was banned from Jan. 01.

She also alleged that arrack played a prominent role during the last election campaign.

Noting that the Excise revenue in June 2019 was Rs. 8,817 million, she said the figure stood at Rs. 12,000 million due to the June 2020, due to the election campaign.

Excise revenue in July 2019 was Rs. 8,110 million, up from Rs. 13,557 million in the July 2020 election.

You can drink beer even if you don't get yellow!

"We do not buy any turmeric in the Dambulla market, but 79,021,760 liters of beer have been imported this year. The farmer has no fertilizer, but 684,765,400 liters of wine have been imported this year.

For our girls, there is no face cream in the shop. But 139,161,220 liters of whiskey and brandy have been imported this year. ” She said.