Sep 02, 2020

Policemen to be deployed out of their residential areas

From now onwards, police officers will not be allowed to work in the area where they reside, reports say.

The decision has been taken after finding out that this had hampered activities to repress the underworld.

Accordingly, the National Police Commission is considering to transfer police officers currently on duty in their residential  areas.

The National Police Commission has instructed Acting IGP Chandana Wickramaratne to submit a report on all officers who are deployed on duty in the areas where they reside, irrespective of rank.

It has been revealed that the officers in the relevant areas have not actively contributed in drug or underworld related operations over connections made due to being residents themselves. 

It is said that this situation has also affected such operations conducted in the Western Province.

Accordingly, reports of the relevant officers will be called to ascertain the length of time they have been on duty in the area as well as the service rendered.