Aug 15, 2020

Uddika used govt vehicle for election campaign Featured

It is reported that the driving records of the cab belonging to the Industrial Development Board PC-6019, which was allegedly used during the election campaign by Uddika Premaratne, who was elected to Parliament this time, have not been maintained properly.

According to the Ravaya newspaper, the records maintained on the use of the cab states that the cab has only been used for the duties of the chairman from the 1st to the 17th of July.

Its employees point out that it is illegal for the chairman to sign the approval and the officer in charge of transportation to accept the driving record when the details are not mentioned properly.

According to Ravaya, a photo of the said cab parked near a meeting arranged by Uddika Premaratne while he was a candidate of the general election was also posted on his Facebook page.

When inquired about this from the Chairman of the Industrial Development Board Upasena Dissanayake he has stated that the cab had been used by employees for transport.

However, the information received following the request made under the Right to Information Act states that the vehicle has been used for the duties of the Chairman.

When inquired by the Transport Division of the Industrial Development Board about the incomplete records, a spokesperson said that it is true that the Chairman's vehicle routinely records incomplete  driving records but it is difficult to take action against it.