Aug 15, 2020

New drug distribution racket for school children through inhalers! Featured

Police have uncovered a new drug distribution campaign in the form of inhalers targeting leading school children in and around Colombo.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne stated that the aim of the smugglers is to make school children addicted to drugs by giving them the same type of inhaler used for respiratory ailments.

The police have revealed that one of these inhaler drugs had been sold for around Rs. 15,000 and the police are investigating to find the relevant drug traffickers.

2.2 billion circulated within the accounts of drug traffickers

Investigations have revealed that over Rs. 2.2 billion have been illegally circulated through the accounts of drug traffickers in the last two weeks.

It is reported that the manner in which the money earned by the smugglers through drug trafficking was used and whether they were used to make investments abroad is still being investigated.